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Casino Game Payout System Differences

Casino Game Payout System Differences

Casino Game Payout System Differences – Casino is one of the gambling games that has many types that you can play and bring home many advantages. In contrast to traditional merchant transaction processing environments, the cash access services and products they provide must meet very high standards of reliability to be able to handle the large volume of transactions in the casino gaming industry.

Game Industry:

The US gaming industry is present in more than 40 states and generates $90 billion in annual revenue (Data: American Gaming Association). There are many places where cash access services can be found, including traditional casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City as well as Native American Casinos and Riverboat Casinos. The Pari-mutuel Race Track and Card Room also have it.

Game operators rely on cash access products to provide liquidity to their customers. It is estimated that 70% of gaming revenue comes from this service. These services are provided by third-party companies such as Sightline Payments LLC, which most game operators rely on. Annually, we estimate that the North American Gaming Cash Access market is worth $25 billion. This includes over 100 million transaction approvals. The industry generates approximately $950 million in revenue.

Sightline Payments is the largest cash access service provider (PRIVATE: Sightline), Global Cash Access, Inc., (NYSE: GCA), Global Payments Inc., (NYSE: GPN), with an estimated market share of 90%. The remainder is shared among other providers, including Money Centers of America and DiTronics Financial Services.

Below is a list of common Cash Access Services that can be found in casinos:

* Credit Card Cash Withdrawals (Smart station Advances): Credit card cash withdrawals allow game patrons to access funds up to a certain limit set by the card issuing bank. The average consumer charges about 6% of the quantity demanded.

* Debit card cash withdrawals: POS debit card transactions work almost the same as regular merchant transactions. The protector can access funds up to the cardholder’s purchase limit which is often higher than the daily ATM limit. The consumer fee is usually around 3.5% of the requested amount.

* ATMs and ATM3X: Customers can withdraw funds from their checking or savings accounts. The daily limit is $300. The consumer fee is about $4.00 for each transaction. Migration of ATM services to Glory and NRT and Western Money Ticket Redemption and Bill Breaking Devices is the latest trend in the industry.

* Check Cashing: (Certegy & Global Payments): This service provides check verification, processing and guarantee services. This allows a protective check to be cashed at the casino cashier. Generally there is no charge to the consumer. However, costs may be higher in some areas.

* Game Credits and Bookmarks: Casinos subscribe to credit bureaus for detailed credit information to extend markers or credits to customers. This service is generally reserved for “high-end” casino players, and there is no charge to the consumer.…